Here are a selection of portraits, paintings, drawings and collage. A  body of work spanning over the past two decades.  People of  which, I have met and befriended over the years. As always I attempt to capture the essence of each model, as opposed to a precise representation.....I believe our inner part, that is to say our :minds eye can also see, capture and represent an accurate representation of each subject, not one of instant recognition, for instance facial features but from the observation of gesture, stance, behaviour and over all, each individuals usually hidden, thoughts, loves, truths and anxieties. This idea I believe, coupled with a certain  likeness to the model, enables not only the chance of new creative invention and ideas whilst working on each piece but also a chance to hint at, or capture the present emotional state of each subjects personality. This approach adding a new dimension to the finished picture. That is not to say that each of these attempts are successful but the idea behind it has inspired and intrigued artists for generations.




sketch of Lindsey....2010

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