STEP 4.....REDRAW LINEs and make final adjustments,  BEGIN TO FILL IN ANY GAPS IN THE PICTURE........finally, sign your picture or image at the bottom right hand side of the page .


Five easy steps to make a Nico-las.

STEP.1. Draw some quick sketches of Nico-las, or whom you may ever choose...Top Tip. concentrate on out line and sitting position of chosen subject....detail is irrelevant at this stage in the procedure.

STEP.2. find a magazine and begin to cut out colours and shapes.. hopefully ones that match the person you have chosen portray. Top TIP.....THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN IDENTICLE REPRESENTATION OF OUR SUBJECT. [JUST AN IMAGE THAT REPRESENTS THEM !..[it could be an abstract picture and just represent the colours they ware, or an outline of them  drawn from different angles...come on lets use our imagination !

STEP.3.  BEGIN TO STICK DOWN COLOURS AND SHAPES. Top Tip try to stick colours to lines already drawn, you can always alter them later.

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